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Embarking on Your Leadership Journey

In this series, Steve Lowisz breaks down the three core parts of any business – how we recruit the right people and unlock their best performance to achieve the right profits. With practical advice and insights honed from 20 years of business leadership experience, this is one series you don’t want to miss.
People, Performance & Profits

Inspire your team to perform

Find out why Purpose is important to your organization

Understand the laws of leadership

Steve Lowisz

CEO and Founder of Qualigence International
Steve Lowisz is the Chief Executive Officer of Qualigence International, a recruitment research and professional search firm that he founded in 1999. Specializing in identifying and attracting passive candidates for its clients, Steve created the company to be different than any other recruiting firm. As a result, Qualigence has become known for the accurate and extensive research results it delivers as well as its partnership style of doing business for an hourly rate rather than commissions.